Competition Results 2018


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Event Date Venue
Maccauw Compak Trial No 2 20182018-11-03Maccauw Clay Target Club
SA Presidents Cup, Compak SA Championship and Compak SA Grand Prix 20182018-10-20Sterkfontein Shooting Academy
Sterkfontein Compak Trial 20182018-09-29Sterkfontein Shooting Academy
Valley Compak Trial 20182018-09-15Valley Gun Club
Wattlespring Compak Trial No 2 20182018-08-11Wattlespring Sports Club
Eston Compak Trial 20182018-07-28Eston Clay Target Club
Outeniqua Compak Trial 20182018-06-09Outeniqua Clay Target Club
Waterhaven Compak Trial 20182018-05-19Waterhaven Estate
Hippo Creek Compak Trial No 1 20182018-04-14Hippo Creek Shooting Centre
African Championship Fitasc Compak Sporting and Africa Cup 20182018-03-17Sterkfontein Shooting Academy
Maccauw Compak Trial No 1 20182018-02-17Maccauw Clay Target Club
Wattlespring Compak Trial No 1 20182018-01-27Wattlespring Sports Club